Things I Wish I’d Known

Ep. 13: TIWIK… about money with Damien Fogg

December 3, 2019

Money is historically a complex subject for most people to discuss. Whether you’ve got it, had it and lost it or never had it, no one seems to want to talk about the m word… this is why I wanted to cover it on TIWIK. 

Damien Fogg is the author of The Money Shot - The (Slightly Less Dull) Guide to Personal Finance and Investing alongside being an investor, entrepreneur, mortgage adviser, Chartered Surveyor, day trader, property developer, landlord, entrepreneur... and former financial adviser. Oh and in his spare time he runs the EP Investor. Growing up a bit obsessed with money and finances he managed to organise his personal finances in such a way that he retired at 32, so I thought he would be the perfect person to chat to for TIWIK about money.

During this episode we discuss planning for future you, what to do about debt, how starting early is the best plan and why most people are dick heads with their money (Damiens words not mine). We chat trading and why it’s not always the best way to make money, where you should start if you’re trying to get a handle on your finances and why paying off your debts can be the best return on your money. If you want to learn more about cash this is the episode for you. 





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Rich Dad Poor Dad

The Naked Trader

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TIWIK is a love letter to my younger self. A conversation about all the things we were told not to talk about. A sharing of knowledge, emotions and laughs. A potential handbook (or the audio equivalent) on how to master your mental health and fall back in love with yourself!

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